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Build your own Dedicated Software Development Teams of nearshore tech talent for your end-to-end software projects.

Connect with Dedicated Nearshore Technical Project Teams.
Starting with pods as small as 3.

We help you to rapidly scale your in-house development team with our specialized, vetted talent. Starting with pods as small as 3.

Build a custom pod specific to your need

We don’t nickel and dime, all the below is included in the building of your team.


We DON’T bill for:

Computer Equipment

We provide our engineers 
with company secured equipment to perform their work. You don’t need to worry about setting a budget for it.

Recruitment Services

You shouldn’t have to worry about platform costs or charges to connect with new talent. Never pay for recruiting costs - leave that to us.

Tech Leadership Intros

All great teams have a great leader and we will connect you with a veteran tech lead that has excellent communication and proven management skills, ensuring your team is in good hands.

The Benefits of a Dedicated Software Team

Get dedicated teams service with Plugg Technologies

Long-term Collaboration and Alignment

Nearshore dedicated teams foster enduring partnerships, ideally suited for long-term collaborations. Benefit from sustained commitment and seamless integration with dedicated teams tailored to your specific project needs

Get dedicated teams service with Plugg Technologies

Full Control and Direct Management

Opt for a dedicated team for complete control over team structure, roles, and duties. Tailor your nearshore dedicated team to align perfectly with your project’s requirements and objectives.

Sustainable Growth Potential​

Reduced Knowledge Transfer

Collaborate closely with nearshore dedicated teams for seamless knowledge transfer. Benefit from streamlined communication and close integration, ensuring efficient sharing of expertise and insights within your organization.

Sustainable Growth Potential​

Consistent Resource Availability

Nearshore dedicated teams offer a reliable and consistent resource pool exclusively focused on your projects. Benefit from dedicated expertise and unwavering support tailored to meet your project’s requirements effectively.

Build and Customize a Team or Pod based on Your Specific Needs

Mix and Match, below are just a sample of resources you can include.

Hire project managers with Plugg Technologies

Project Managers

Guide initiatives end-to-end, overseeing budgets, teams, schedules, and quality standards for on-time delivery.

Front-end Developers

Create responsive application interfaces and appealing visual designs optimized for all devices.

Back-end Developers

Build secure, scalable server architecture and database systems to power application logic and workflows.

QA Engineers

Establish and execute meticulous test plans across features to identify defects and uphold software reliability.

Business Analysts

Pinpoint workflow constraints and surface data-driven insights to spur feature improvements and planning.

UX/UI Designers

Design highly intuitive, engaging interfaces focused on user needs and simplified interactions.

DevOps Engineers

Institute and bolster cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and automation for always-on applications.

Hire salesforce developers with Plugg Technologies in 2024

Salesforce Developers

Enhance business processes and data integrity with tailored Salesforce customization and automation.

4 step process to build your team

Step 1

Schedule an Exploratory Call.

Explore your team composition, success criteria, projected timeline, budget, and essential skills.

Step 2

Discuss Project and Team Structure

We define project specs, establish an engagement model, and select and onboard your team within days.


Identify Team Lead

We will vet for high quality leadership, communication, and technical skills to ensure your project is in good hands.


Get Started and Track Performance

Leveraging your Tech Lead, hire and build the rest of your team. project kickoff; providing you regular updates and adapting to your evolving needs.

Nearshore Dedicated Teams FAQs

The timeline to build a dedicated software development team depends on your specific requirements, but it typically takes from ten to thirty days. Finding the right talent, onboarding, and ensuring smooth integration are crucial steps in creating a successful team. Invest the time to build a strong foundation, and your dedicated team will accelerate your project’s success.

Yes. Reputable Nearshore Dedicated Teams services with ParallelStaff prioritize compliance and security. They adhere to strict data protection measures, confidentiality protocols, and industry standards. Partnering with a trusted provider ensures your projects are in safe hands, allowing you to focus on innovation and success with peace of mind.

With overlapping working hours, real-time collaboration is enhanced, boosting productivity and problem-solving. This alignment fosters seamless communication, ensuring efficient project progress and a cohesive team dynamic.

Our Talent, 100% dedicated to your Development Project

Engage with a nearshore outsourcing partner that’s fully dedicated to your success.