Non-IT Staff Augmentation

Hire Marketing, Administrative,
and Customer Support Team Members -
Vetted to Your Hiring Bar and as You Need Them

Delivering tailored Business (Non-IT) Recruiting Solutions without the Overhead Costs

Need one Virtual Assistant? Need several Customer Service Agents? Want to test it out first? No problem! 

Pay only for the skills you need

We source, train and onboard so you can just get working. You’ll never pay to add people or hardware to your team.

We DON’T bill for:

Computer Equipment & Hardware

Each of our team members joins your team with secure, high-end tech provided by Plugg.

Recruitment Fees

Zero recruitment fees, zero platform fees, zero added expenses.


All onboarding items are included—background checks, insurance, payroll and more.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation in 2024

Professional Support & Management

Cost-Effectiveness & Simplified Processes

Work Flexibility & Adaptability

Diverse Skill Sets & Communication

Our Most Commonly Filled Business Roles

Hire as few as 1 or a entire team, customized to your hiring bar and culture.

Hire General Admin & Executive Assistants | Best Nearshore IT Outsourcing Company in 2024

General Admin & Executive Assistants

Enhance efficiency with support in managing emails, schedules, and meeting preparations, and delegate communications seamlessly.

Hire marketing managers, specialist in LATAM with Nearshoring Company

Digital Marketing Specialists

Leverage general digital marketing skills including social media, email campaigns, and content creation to boost your brand’s online presence.

Customer Support Professionals​ | Boost your business in 2024 with Plugg Technologies' Non-IT Staff Augmentation services. Find skilled professionals perfectly matched to your needs.

Customer Support Professionals

Employ experienced customer service representatives skilled in assisting U.S.-based clients, enhancing customer satisfaction and support.

Hire a Sales & Customer Representatives​ in LATAM and get all the benefits from Nearshoring

Sales & Customer Representatives

Establish and execute meticulous test plans across features to identify defects and uphold software reliability.

hire a content and blogger creator

Content Creators & Bloggers

Pinpoint workflow constraints and surface data-driven insights to spur feature improvements and planning.

Medical & Clinical

Medical assistants, clinicians, telehealth, and more, for healthcare and health-tech roles.

Branding & Graphic Designers

Institute and bolster cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and automation for always-on applications.

Social Media Marketers

Institute and bolster cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and automation for always-on applications.

Email & Automation Experts

Institute and bolster cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and automation for always-on applications.

Web Designers

Institute and bolster cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and automation for always-on applications.

HR Specialists & Recruiters

Institute and bolster cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and automation for always-on applications.

Diverse Expertise Available

Institute and bolster cloud infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and automation for always-on applications.

Client Testimonials Speak The Loudest​

Our 6 Step Process to Deliver Talent that Meets YOUR Hiring Bar

Align to Your Hiring Bar - Discovery
Objective and Process

To guarantee an optimal match between LATAM talent and your hiring standards, we start with an in-depth exploratory call.


  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment: We dive deep into your company's operational structure, project goals, and culture.
  • Consultative - LATAM Nuances: In some cases we can steer you into more optimal LATAM talent pockets depending on your hardware, timeline, and budget constraints.
  • Timeline & Budget: We work backwards from ideal start date and budget, providing clear milestones to deliver the best talent possible.
Preliminary Search & Preparation for Client Submission
Objective and Process

To initiate a targeted preliminary search within our Talent Database to best shortlist candidates who match your project specifications.


  • Database Activation: Activate job listings in our extensive talent database.
  • Targeted Search: Identify candidates with the required technical and soft skills using advanced search algorithms.
  • Initial Screening: Shortlisted candidates undergo a phone screen to verify their technical competencies and alignment with your project needs.
  • Candidate Calibration: Adjust search parameters based on initial screenings to guarantee we are on the right track.
Client Candidate Review
Objective and Process

To present selected top candidates for your review and feedback, coordinating subsequent interviews and evaluations.


  • Candidate Presentation: Detailed profiles of top candidates are submitted for your review.
  • Feedback Loop: Collect your feedback and refine the selection process accordingly.
  • Interview Coordination: Manage the scheduling of interviews, guaranteeing a streamlined process.
  • Evaluation: Gather and analyze your feedback post-interview to make data-driven decisions.
Selection & Onboarding
Objective and Process

To handle all aspects of the onboarding process, guaranteeing your new team member is ready from day one.


  • Background Checks: Conduct thorough background checks to guarantee reliability and security.
  • Hardware Setup: Prepare and provide necessary equipment, guaranteeing technical readiness.
  • Payroll Management: Set up payroll systems tailored to LATAM regulations, guaranteeing timely and accurate payments.
  • Onboarding Support: Provide comprehensive onboarding support to help new hires integrate seamlessly.
Objective and Process

To manage all administrative and logistical tasks, providing the security and simplicity of working with U.S. companies while handling LATAM operations.


  • Contract Management: Draft and manage U.S. contracts to simplify legal formalities.
  • Banking and Insurance: Set up banking and comprehensive insurance coverage to mitigate risks.
  • Administrative Support: Offer continuous administrative support to handle any arising issues.
Objective and Process

To start work immediately after creating an agreement, maintaining project momentum with regular updates and proactive management.


  • Project Kickoff: Team member(s) start.
  • Respect for Your Environment: We will stay in touch and ensure both the team member and client are happy with the match, and at the same time, provide space. These placements work best when it feels like your employee.
  • Invoicing: Each month you’ll receive an invoice with easy to find information related to rate, hours, and period. Also easy to pay ACH.

Nearshore Staffing FAQs

Discover How Non-IT Staff Augmentation Can Elevate Your Business Operations.

Non-IT staff augmentation involves temporarily expanding your team with specialized professionals who are not part of your core technology team but are crucial for business operations, such as administrative staff, human resources, marketing professionals, and more. This approach helps fill skill gaps without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.

Unlike outsourcing, where entire projects or operations are handed over to an external service provider, staff augmentation allows you to retain control over your projects and directly manage augmented staff. This model keeps the augmented team members integrated with your existing staff, working under your business’s management and culture​.

This model provides flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt to project demands without permanent overheads. It offers cost-effectiveness by hiring from global talent pools where labor costs might be lower, and ensures operational efficiency by quickly integrating skilled professionals into your teams​.

HR managers should assess the specific skill gaps in their existing teams, determine the scale of augmentation needed, and ensure the service provider can offer professionals who align with the company’s operational standards and culture. It’s also crucial to consider the geographical and time zone alignment for seamless integration​.

Nearshoring rates vary based on project complexity, technology, and team size. Rest assured, you’ll enjoy competitive and cost-effective pricing without compromising quality and expertise. Let’s discuss your specific requirements for a tailored solution. Generally, Nearshoring rates can range from $30 to $70 per hour, depending on the factors mentioned above. ParallelStaff offers transparent pricing with no hidden charges.

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