Why Nearshore?

In short, time zone matters! The world is flat, however, collaboration and talent is more important than a race to the bottom chasing savings. Nearshore value consistently beats Onshore and Offshore.


Companies save an average of 40% on labor cost when nearshoring & with a fraction of the tradeoffs from offshoring.

Additional Benefits

The large savings often means a senior level resource from LATAM at the price of an entry level US worker, without sacrificing timezone

Same Timezone

Cultural Assimilation

Advanced English Fluency

Senior Level Talent

LATAM's size of the outsourcing pie is growing fast

While the local competition creates a constrained market, Nearshore offers the possibility to connect, with over 4M qualified engineers that your team can vet according to your process and preferences.

Onshore vs Nearshore vs Offshore - The Differences


Company located in California outsources to a partner in New Jersey. You´re working in the same timezone, but no cost savings!


US company outsources to a partner in Canada or Latin America. Similar time zones, English fluency, cultural alignment, AND 40% cost savings.


US company outsources partners in Asia. Different time zones, working cultural differences.

Access to the best Talent of LATAM

Nearshore outsourcing allows U.S. based companies to hire high quality such as data engineering and agile experts from countries located in close proximity with similar time zones, English fluency, market maturity, low costs, and cultural alignment.

Nearshore outsourcing also provides US companies with the ability to “test” the idea of lowering costs at outsourcing destinations that are closer to home.

Of course, intense due diligence in selecting a nearshore company and correct vendor selection are required to ensure that your nearshore outsourcing endeavor is a successful one.

Your project is in Good Hands

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